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Gamification campaigns are eye-catching, contagious, and have a 20% lower cost per click. You can reach passive audiences that are harder to get with regular advertising.

Convert new clients

After playing the game, 96% of customers are ready to be directed by you. 10-30% of those will click on your website and become clients after they finish their journey

Engage your audience for tens of minutes

Gamification marketing grab customers’ attention and you can give customers the experience they will remember for months.

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Yes! All you need to do is copy paste a script we provide and add this to your website and everything else is done from our side!

Absolutely! For that you just need to specify the banner size and make sure the game fits on the size. Then add our campaign to the banner via an IFrame.

Our systems are designed as GDPR Compliant. All of our data is encrypted, so no one besides the campaign organizer can freely access collected leads. All of our servers and 3rd party providers reside in Europe. We also provide our standard DPA, Terms, and Conditions if you don't have one yourself.

Our games fall into 4 categories:

  • Questionnaires (Video Trivia, Jeopardy, Personality Test, Trivia)

  • Lottery games (Wheel of Fortune, Scratchcard)
  • Playful/Competitive games (for example based on Super Mario, Candy Crush, Whack a Mole, etc).

See full list of our game types here

Different games have different use cases so you can be sure you can use Adact for whatever marketing goal you might have! 

You can either start driving traffic to the landing page created through Adact or embed the page into your website. To embed, all you need to do is copy-paste a script to your website.

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