Boost various marketing goals...

Stand out and capture attention

Engage audience for 5+ minutes

Generate more leads and gather further information per lead

Increase the click-through rate of your ads

Reduce web bounce rate

Increase average engagement length

We give a -50% discount when using Adact software until the end of 2021. The sign-up date is October 15, 2021.

Grabbing attention for your startup is tough.

We know. Adact is also a startup.

There were several startups interested in using Adact. But as we had premium pricing, it just didn't meet their budget. Then we thought why keep Adact only to larger brands when we could support each other.

The program is open to startups who...

  • Are in or within 12 months of graduation from an approved program accelerator/incubator

  • Have less than €5M in funding

  • Have less than €1M in aggregate revenue

  • Have less than 50 employees

If you meet this pre-qualification, fill out the application

What’s included in the Adact for Startups program

Powerful yet easy-to-use software to create gamification marketing campaigns.

Within Minutes. Without any coding.

20+ Different Game Types

Different games can have different use cases, so be sure you can use Adact for whatever marketing goal or startup you have!


Games in Adact fall into 3 categories:

1) Text-based games.
2) Raffle-based games.
3) Playful/Competitive games.


If you need fresh ideas, our team would happily brainstorm with you to find the ideas that spark your eye.

Simple Drag and Drop Editor

Each game and interactive experience can be designed through a drag and drop interface. No coding is required whatsoever.

Furthermore, you can create the landing page, add registration forms plus banners, and link buttons to screens before and after the game.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics enable you to see how well your campaign is performing in real-time and over-time. We track # of times your landing page was visited, how many unique leads were gathered, games started and completed, bounce rate, and also the average length of a gameplay session.

Traffic Measurement Without Integrations

Adact analytics tracks traffic channels. Links where did your customers arrive at the campaign and where were they redirected to. Also, if you include any buttons or banners on the campaign landing page, we measure how many times each banner or button was clicked.

2000+ Integrations

Add all the leads to your preferred CRM? 

Send an e-mail when someone wins the main prize?

Notify your company Slack channel campaign has hit 100,000 gameplays?

All of these interactions can be created through Zapier.

Don’t worry – Adact support team will help you set up the integrations.

Multi-Language Campaigns

You’re a startup that is operating in several languages? No problem.


With Adact you can launch the campaign in several languages and have them all hosted under the same domain. For example, “/en/campaignName” and /ru/campaignName”.


Better yet – we provide automatic translation, so you can effectively create multi-language campaigns as quickly as you can create a single campaign.

Fill the application and we'll get in touch with you in 48 hours


Yes! All you need to do is copy paste a script we provide and add this to your website and everything else is done from our side!

Absolutely! For that you just need to specify the banner size and make sure the game fits on the size. Then add our campaign to the banner via an IFrame.

Our systems are designed as GDPR Compliant. All of our data is encrypted, so no one besides the campaign organizer can freely access collected leads. All of our servers and 3rd party providers reside in Europe. We also provide our standard DPA, Terms, and Conditions if you don't have one yourself.

Our games fall into 4 categories:

  • Questionnaires (Video Trivia, Jeopardy, Personality Test, Trivia)

  • Lottery games (Wheel of Fortune, Scratchcard)
  • Playful/Competitive games (for example based on Super Mario, Candy Crush, Whack a Mole, etc).

See full list of our game types here

Different games have different use cases so you can be sure you can use Adact for whatever marketing goal you might have! 

You can either start driving traffic to the landing page created through Adact or embed the page into your website. To embed, all you need to do is copy-paste a script to your website.