Adact is inviting You to join our team as the:



  • Offering a lead role in a startup where the messy work is done!
  • Separate control over your business budgets
  • Equity stake in the company
  • Yes, we can afford to pay salary


  • Won Latitude59 2019
  • Fully scalable product with all the must have functionalities covered
  • Feedback from customers: “Our product sells itself.”
  • Highly automated marketing and lead generation

We aim to build an effective sales & marketing system where sales team only spends time with the leads that are convertable. 

What is Adact?

Adact software enables brands and agencies to create Gamification Marketing Campaigns without writing any code

Adact has several games and interactive campaign types. Take a look at them at
Brands can drag and drop their own visuals in the game
Brands create a landing page for the campaign in Adact including registration forms etc.
Publish the campaign and Adact starts collecting leads and analytics of the campaign.


We are looking for a sales Leader Strategist Manager Team Lead Organizer

You will own the CRM

We have 100% history for each lead including all e-mails, contacts and tasks so you have a smooth start!

You will own the demos

Adact product demos are really fun to do! It's demo that keeps on giving and our clients love it!

You will own the team

Adact aims to grow to at least €100m valuation marketing software company within 4 years. We need to start increasing our sales team!

You are going to be the person your team looks up to and You will set our quality standards in sales!

You will own your budget

We are excited to use all the new software to help us automate and improve our work

Beyond using Hubspot for CRM - Feel free to organize your workspace exactly how you see fit!

Is everything self-explanatory?
Great! You are the person we are looking for!

The Team


Agris is responsible for all the games Adact offers and the front end part of the Adact platform


Development company Brocoders is responsible for all the complicated back/front-end development, server configurations and new features

Svitlana – Project Manager

Andrew – Front-end developer

Sergey – Back-end developer

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