Functional Updates!

January 6, 2022 — By Karolina Orav

We’ve got some great news for you!

There are always new functionalities in the app, and today is no exception.

Add wintery feeling to your campaign with Snow!

The beauty of winter is celebrated in this moving snow animation. Just make one extra click and your next campaign is extra wintery

You can modify the speed, quantity of the flakes and the wind through the snow settings.


Here’s how to do it: 


Add Whatsapp as option to Share element

From now you can share your campaign in addition to Facebook and LinkedIn also on Whatsapp and Messenger (on mobile view).


How to add it on campaign:


Upload hundreds of questions at once in Trivia Game

You can now import your questions to a trivia game through an excel or CSV file. That means you can upload hundreds of questions at once.

Furthermore You can now specify how many questions are asked in a Trivia game and whether the game asks new questions each time, taking the questions randomly from all the questions you have added.




Zapier integration

One of the largest updates is that now you can include all custom fields in a registration form to be sent to any third party integrations using Zapier.


Stay tuned for a detailed explanation on how to use Zapier 

Add #prizeImage# shortcode to Text element

You can now add #prizeImage# dynamic field to your end screen so you can show the players what they won with the picture


Read more about how to use dynamic fields from here: 

Dynamic Text Fields