3 New Features To Make Your Gamification Easier

February 7, 2022 — By Ondrej Spala

We have exciting news coming from the development team for you to get your campaigns up and running faster.
It’s been possible to create gamification campaigns for your customers in about 30 minutes. Could it become even faster now? Let’s have a look at the improvements.

1) Create & Reuse – Templates Available

Imagine you are a marketing agency creating multiple campaigns for your client with similar structure of all campaigns – now you can easily define a template for faster preparation. Then create new campaigns from the pre-defined template. This way you keep key visuals and copy ready for any campaign.
You can also use templates for branded demos to show your clients how their campaign could look like. Once they decide, brand it their way and let them benefit from marketing gamification.
Say goodbye to repetitive work. Your efforts have just become easier.

Create a template from the list of campaigns
You can also create and modify templates in your account settings – select from existing campaigns
Choose a template when selecting your new campaign type – the window appears after click

Example: A food delivery company organizes a Foodie Week with the Advent Calendar campaign type (which is excellent even outside Advent!). It runs from Monday to Friday in April and offers 5 different games (1 per day). Not only the company gets their customers returning every day but they can also promote partners from their network. 
On Monday, you can win a discount code in Scratcher for any order over €20 from Pizza restaurants.
Tuesday brings an endless runner contest to help you understand how difficult job the delivery guys and girls have. Top 3 of the leaderboard get to try a day for free! 🙂
Wednesday promotes a local Burger place in Plinko game – some win a dip, others a burger.
Thursday is a sushi day – Battle game helps the restaurants understand which are the most favourite. Participants earn a 10% discount code.
Friday is an office party day – let’s play a Drop game and engage the whole company. The winner’s company is bound for a pizza afternoon.

All the campaigns are of course recreated from one template created for the Foodie Week.

2) Edit Uploaded Images

We know it was annoying at times to have to reupload images when you wanted to make changes. Not anymore! You can now work with your images after you have uploaded them – change their size or crop them, it’s all much easier now.
Is there more? Sure – some of your campaigns can become much more interesting if you could turn images into buttons. So we’ve made it possible for you.

Click on the image you want to modify and select any action you need to do
Upload images to be used as buttons

Example: An airline launches a new destination and decides to let customers test how much do they know about the city. It’s a great idea to use Trivia or Video Trivia campaign types (make sure to read our airBaltic case study when it’s published) for this gamified route introduction. However, not all customers may be fond of a beach destination – some may want to see the Northern Lights while others want to enjoy a city break. Using pictures as buttons allows you to direct people from the end screen to separate areas of your website – pre-sorted as per the required destinations of interest. Don’t you believe the conversion will be much higher when people see what they want to see?
If you were still thinking of Dubai and realized that the uploaded picture of Burj Khalifa just grew off your screen, try to resize it without having to reupload it again. Oh, and don’t forget to crop the selfie-taker from the left side of the picture. They are everywhere.

3) Explain in Trivia – Why is that answer correct?

Now you are probably wondering how this third feature update makes your campaign preparations easier and faster. Well, it doesn’t. Here you need to put more work in, as we thought of your customers who may sometimes wonder why A was wrong and C correct in the Trivia game. They will appreciate your explanations. And because Trivia was mentioned as an example right above, it’s a great opportunity to point out this update as well. Just justify it.

Make sure Feedback section is active, then add feedback for each question
Feedback appears with both correct and wrong answers. Remember you can import your questions and randomize order.

Example: You are a marketing agency trying to source leads for your services. You have made a great decision to use gamification in your efforts, for which you have selected a Trivia game. The topic is “How much do you know about marketing?” and one of the questions is asking about the most important of the Ps in the marketing theory. As you are not a business like others, you have included Seth Godin’s Purple Cow – which is the right answer in your Trivia campaign. Others may be of a different opinion but thanks to our newly added feature, you can explain and justify your choice.
It also helps you communicate a unique attribute of your company – with you as a marketing agency, the business will stand out on the market. Some will argue about the correct P while others will become your customers for what your belief is. And you may even prioritize those leads who have got it right. Be creative and dare. Today.

How about a quick recap of new features and what you can do with them?

  • Define campaign templates.
  • Resize and crop uploaded images and use images as buttons.
  • Show explanations of your answers in Trivia.

If you like our new features, go and try them yourself. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up to take the best use of our 14-day free trial or schedule a demo call to learn more about how Adact can help you implement gamification in your marketing* quickly and without any coding skills.
If you just want to play, visit our catalogue and try Christmas Movies Battle or get the best score in the Adact Match 3. You can also check our Adact Calendar for the current opening!

And if you have any comments or questions, just reach out!

*no special terms here, just a note that you can also use the platform for company internal gamification, such as special occasion rewards for employees (e.g., Wheel of Fortune) or training (e.g., Video Trivia).