3 inspiration Ideas: Gamification Marketing for Christmas campaigns

October 14, 2021 — By Kalev Kärpuk

3 Gamification marketing ideas for Christmas Campaigns!

With the upcoming Christmas season, gamification marketing is a fantastic way to stand out and take advantage of all your campaigns. I’m going over 3 ideas that will help you use in this year’s campaign so it can be as successful as possible!


3 Gamification Marketing Ideas for Christmas

Candy Crush (or Match 3) has shown incredible results for all who have used it.

The average replay count is 11.5 with an average retention of 4 days.

That means one participant plays on 4 different days and ~11 times each day.

The Bounce rates are also incredibly low averaging at around 15-20%


Candy Crush is a great game to theme up to winter time and use various different Christmas elements to tie together with your brand. 

We suggest to award prizes for each days top scorers!


Below is an example I created on a Christmas themed campaign

#2 - Whack-a..goblin?

Whack-a-mole game is our hidden gem that we added recently which has a great connection to Christmas!


Whack away the bad elves who are trying to steal your products and have the players collect gifts that represent your brand!


It’s definitely a unique game that people are excited to try out  


Why does Whack a mole work?


The game will get faster over time and the players start to become more and more focused on the items that are popping up while maintaining a quick reaction time. This creates the effect where the player is hoping and expecting your product to pop up which creates positive reinforcement towards your brand throughout the entire gameplay.


It’s also a game where improving on your score seems always doable after the first gameplay and in gamification marketing it’s always a great sign when the user plays one campaign more than once


Did you know that on average Gamified campaigns are played 4 times in a row and 11 times daily

Let see how a Christmas themed Whack-a-mole could look like on the example below

I always promote to introduce new campaign types and interactions in order to create something fresh and unique that the audience wouldn’t expect.


One of such campaign types is what we call “Tapping” where the object of the game is to tap as many times as possible within a certain time limit.


This game can give a lot of different context depending on how You wish to use it because we can make the image change over the course of the game.

For example creating an image with a “loading bar” and after every 3 taps the loading bar will fill further.

The object of the game is to fill the loading bar within the amount of time given.

Or we can use tapping game for a soda where after every tap the soda can tilts a little bit to create the effect that you are “shaking” the soda bottle. 

Object of the game is to shake the soda bottle open.


In Christmas example how about we use a Christmas gift and you have to tap your way to your prize.


Here’s the concept I would use


So there you have it – 3 amazing gamification marketing examples and how to create them.


It took me just under 1 hour to custom design all of those campaigns and I am not even a designer.


If you want to use such campaigns in your own marketing channels, just book a demo or start using Adact today and discover tens of different gamification solutions.